Our eco-friendly hardwoods..........

Cocobolo (rosewood)


Cocobolo is an exotic wood native to Costa Rica. The wood is very durable and strong, with a fine texture. It is extremely beautiful, ranging in color from dark red to reddish brown, with an irregular grain pattern.

Goncalo Alves (Ron Ron)


Gonçalo alves is a hardwood. It is sometimes referred to as tigerwood — a name that underscore the wood's often dramatic, contrasting color scheme, that some compare to rosewood. While the sapwood is very light in color, the heartwood is a sombre brown, with dark streaks that give it a unique look.

Mora (Golden Jewel)


Mora is a large tree that can grow 30 - 36 meters tall. The heartwood is yellowish therefore perfect for our puzzle box's intarsia decorations.

Nazareno (purple heart)


Peltogyne purpurea, commonly known as nazareno, or purpleheart, is a species of Peltogyne tree native to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The trees are prized for their beautiful heartwood which, when cut, quickly turns from a light brown to a rich purple color.

These are but a few but to mention a few more............. ​

.............of so many species available in Costa Rica. I have lost count of woods we have used from time to time but a few more are: Guanacaste, Cristobal, Teca. Melina, Balsamo, Guachiplin, Naranjo, Cedro, etc.